Dear Members,

I received an update from the Small Business Commissioner, Dominique Lamb in relation to their recent Small Business Friendly conference.

The Small Business Friendly conference was held 26-28 April 2023. on the Sunshine Coast.

Highlights were as follows:

This year’s SBF Program Conference was built around the theme of ‘ignite – ideas into action’ with a significant focus on place-making. This included ideas for activating local areas to increase spending, creating attractive public spaces, and providing small businesses with new opportunities!

A highlight was welcoming Noosa Council into the SBF Program. With the addition of Livingstone, at the beginning of May, there is now 45 of 77 councils across Queensland as members of the program.

The conference provided some great opportunities to hear from small business owners and industry leaders, supporters, and change-makers. I’m sure that all  attendees and speakers left with some tangible strategies to put in place. 

The top 10 things Dominique took away from the conference was: 

  1. Nothing happens in isolation – we are part of an ecosystem
  2. Listen
  3. Connect
  4. Collaborate
  5. Tell your story and tell theirs too
  6. Fail fast (and try again)
  7. Make magic happen
  8. Embrace co-opetition – work together
  9. Right size – support, services, and investment for your community
  10. Create awareness so no one is left behind.

Small Business Commissioners office look forward to putting these lessons into action as they continue enhancing the operating environment for small businesses across Queensland.
Please find below a short synopsis of each presentation with links to view the presentation and download the transcript.

Keynote speaker, Margot Cairnes showed just how fast the world can change. In an age of regionalisation, small businesses will drive the economic engine. Are you;

  • Ready to capitalise on these opportunities?
  • Going to be a winner in this time of disruption and opportunity?
  • Personally change hardy?

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Paul Martins and Kerrianne Haggie asked and then answered, What does being ‘small business friendly’ really mean? Moreton Bay Regional Council has worked hard to help small businesses by streamlining local laws, improving economic development activities, and providing insights through their Ask Morty application.

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Edward Ross and Dan Allen showed turned personal tragedy into a business idea. Five years on, they have established a social enterprise that encourages people to have a conversation about mental health and funds a not-for-profit mental health support service. Wow.  

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Chief Entrepreneur, Julia Spicer shared her thoughts and experiences on how small businesses are driving the economy through innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Julia reminded us that it is passion, not fear, that creates sustainable change.

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