Payment Solutions Overview

Mint provides digital payment solutions, so NLNA members get paid fast.

  • In person payments– Select the best POS terminal option for your business. Absorb or pass on fees or split fees your way.
  • Online payments – Process payments securely via invoice, through your website, by phone or in person

Why should I choose Mint as my payments provider?

  • NLNA members pay less fees than their current provider
  • Mint provides you with more ways to get paid fast
  • Mint has a 99.98% uptime
  • Dedicated account, tech and support services when NLNA members need it
  • The option to earn Qantas Business Reward points for every transaction
  • Real time funds settlement (July 2022)
  • B2B payments for free via the MintEFT payments platform (Sept 2022)

In-Person Payments

Card Present – EFTPOS Terminals

Our simple and secure Point-of-Sale (Integrated EFTPOS) solution enables NLNA’s members to take card present/in person payment transactions.

Merchants can select either the Move5000 or the M10 terminal with NO set-up fees for NLNA mambers. Choose to pass on or absorb fees in full or in part – you have the flexibility to set your own service fees.

Key features of our Integrated EFTPOS solutions include:

Mint mPOS & software development kit SDK (Compact + mobile)

  • Leverages the wide adoption of smartphones
  • Integrates with your POS retail system through Mint’s SDK
  • Easily reconciled daily reports through your secure Mint Payment portal
  • Secure PCI + EMV compliant terminal with automatic updates
  • EFTPOS enabled to include Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Local NLNA support team to assst with training and technical questions

Mint EFTPOS & SDK (Retail + high velocity transactions)

  • Integrates with over 100 Point of Sale systems
  • Integrated reporting and settlements
  • Easily reconciled reports
  • A reliable, feature-rich terminal with all the connectivity options (inc 3G, WiFi & LAN)
  • Secure PCI + EMV compliant terminal with automatic updates
  • Local support team to assist with training and technical questions



The Mint Payments ecosystem offers omnichannel payments across all customer engagement channels, with the option of seamless integration via Mint’s APIs and plugins. Mint provides the following online payment products:

  • Card Not Present (online payments)
  • The Mint gateway will give NLNA members the ability to accept credit and debit card payments securely through their Mint Merchant portal (via browser or app)
  • Direct Debit and On-Demand Card Payments
  • Our direct debit and on-demand card payments solution offers the broadest configuration options. This solution provides NLNA members with the flexibility to collect fixed or variable amounts, at any specified time, from a payer’s authorised credit card, debit card or bank account. This payment functionality is an ideal solution for recurring or subscription payments but retains flexibility to amend payment details.
  • Hosted Payments Page (HPP) and Email Embedded Payments
  • Our embedded payment notifications allow for automated and customised payment notifications and reminders offering merchants and payers choice around how they pay. With HPP, you can include a link on your invoice so customers can pay you fast. With iHPP, you can enable your customers to make payments via a link on your website seamlessly.
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Users can access a virtual terminal to initiate payments for the customer remotely from their browser and/or over the phone. The virtual terminal is an easy option that gives you control to enter card details provided by your customers and can be accessed via the Mint Merchant Portal.
  • eCommerce Plugins
  • We support all popular e-commerce and accounting platforms, so that you can focus on running your business and let us handle payment processing on your behalf.
    3D Secure (3DS) is available on HPP, iHPP, and eCommerce Plug ins and assists in the reduction or prevention of fraudulent payments


Q. Can I use one POS terminal for combined lotto and other sales?

A. Yes you can, however it depends on the % of lotto sales in your business’ total TTV. We will review this with you at sign up
stage. You may need a dedicated POS Terminal for lotto sales and another for general retail – many newsagencies prefer
this as it is more convenient for their customers.

Q. Will I then need to pay rental on these two POS terminals?

A. Mint are currently negotiation these rental changes and will confirm our pricing model soon. We have the details we need
on competitor pricing and are working to match or better this pricing model for NLNA members.

Q. Will funds be cleared next day?

A. It depends on variables like the customers bank, card used for payment, and your bank. We advise 48 hour funds
clearance. Real time settlement (instant funds clearance) will be available in June 2022.

Q. How do I order paper rolls for my POS terminals?

A. We provide you with an email address and a 1800 number to place your orders for delivery. Paper rolls are free for NLNA

Q. What Merchant Service Fee do you charge?

We offer NLNA members 0.79% for Visa and Mastercard payments and 0.06c for EFTPOS.

Q. Do the Mint POS terminals allow least cost routing?

A. Yes they do. You can request this at sign up stage if you want to absorb these fees into your business.

Q. Can I choose to absorb transaction fees or pass these onto customers?

A. Yes. Mint allows each NLNA member to self-manage their transaction fees. This means they can:
a) Absorb transaction fees in total (100%)
b) Pass transaction fees onto customers (100%)
c) Decide on how much of your fees you wish to absorb and to pass on (50/50, 70/30, etc.)

Q. Can I earn Qantas Business Reward points?

A. Yes. Please refer to the table that calculates how many points you earn based on the MSF you select.

Q. Is Mint’s payment platform integrated into my POS software system and accounting system?

A. Mint Payments is integrated into over 500 software mid office and POS software systems (including all popular retail POS
software systems). Our support team will provide you with the details.