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NLNA Membership offer:

First Month FREE then $20 per month.

Fully tax deductible.


NLNA members can participate in our SONIQ program whereby newsagents receive a $3,000 TV screen free of charge, which is to be used in the newsagency for advertising. Newsagents also receive $80 per month as an ongoing income as a rental fee back to them.


NLNA members have the chance to participate in our Amazon Hub Locker program. In a world of online shopping, the Amazon Hub Locker brings online shoppers in-store.

Book a site inspection to gain approval from Amazon Hub.  Potential income once installed is $56 per month. Conditions apply.


An insurance package specifically tailored for newsagents of Australia. It is an insurance package run by the industry, for the industry. NLNA members receive free lotto indemnity insurance and you the newsagent will receive competitive premiums.


NLNA is making it easier for our members to access free HR advice they need to run their business, saving them time and money.

A dedicated HR Consultant and 1300 hotline, has been assigned to NLNA members so you can access free HR advice on topics including: wages updates, public holiday rates unfair dismissal, maternity leave, fair work/work breaks/discrimination laws, etc.



NLNA Membership improves your income, reduces your costs and increases your foot traffic.
NLNA is committed to supporting you and your business.

Welcome aboard.
“We are stronger when we go together” – CEO Brendan Tohill