QLD Newsagent of the Year 2023

SHOP 1173, Westfield North Lakes, QLD

Allen Tan is a proud member of the vibrant community around PaperBoxx North Lakes.  Located just 30 kilometers north of Brisbane, this store is a beacon of modernity nestled within the bustling Westfield Shopping Centre.

Allen’s journey is characterised by commitment, innovation and a deep sense of community. He migrated to Australia in 1996 and feels blessed to have been embraced by the warmth and opportunities of this great nation. His entrepreneurial voyage began in 2017 when he crossed paths with his business partner, Eva, who owned a newsagency in Given Terrace. This encounter kindled a spark of inspiration that led to the birth of PaperBoxx – a testament to their shared vision for a modern newsagency, that seamlessly fuses tradition with innovation.

During the unforeseen challenges posed by the global pandemic, Allan and Eva embarked on a new chapter in 2020, launching this flagship PaperBoxx store within Westfield North Lakes. Allen’s foresight and dedication to adapting to changing times resulted in a striking transformation from the conventional to the contemporary – a remarkable shift that resonates with the evolving needs of the community.

A Distinctive Identity

At PaperBoxx North Lakes, distinction is into every facet of its identity. Allen and his team have passionately curated a collection of reputable brands. The quest for value-for-money products isn’t just a mantra, it’s their mission. They are committed to being a retailer of quality and affordable products, fostering trust and loyalty among their customers.


PaperBoxx North Lakes represent the concept of a “satellite town” – a place where individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and origins come together as a harmonious unit. The community thrives on the idea of providing residents with everything they need within their own suburb. This philosophy of coexistence has fostered a remarkable synergy, empowering the community to stand together as a source of strength and support.

PaperBoxx North Lakes’ commitment to community extends beyond commerce. With open arms, they engage with local not-for-profit groups, contributing merchandise for raffles and events – a gesture that exemplifies their dedication to nurturing their community.


The best advice that Allen received was from Max, the founder of Maxwell & Williams. Who said, “If Maxwell & Williams cannot provide value-for-money products to our people, then we will cease to exist”. This encapsulates the ethos that drives Allen’s purpose-driven approach. He imparts this wisdom to all, recognising that a thriving business is not solely about profit, but about enriching the lives of the community through exceptional service and valuable offerings.

In a world where economics can be uncertain, Allen advocates for conscientious product selection to deliver genuine value to the local community. In embodying this philosophy, businesses can flourish, ensuring that the well-being of the community remains at the heart of all endeavours.