53 Cumming Ave, Birchip VIC 3483

Jim Varghese has been successfully operating Birchip Newsagency since May 2010. With a strong commitment to the local community, he has built a reputation for providing excellent support and sponsorship to numerous local community groups, sporting organisations, and town events.

Jim believes in creating a friendly atmosphere within the store, ensuring that every customer feels welcomed and valued. He is dedicated to delivering the best possible service to the community, consistently meeting customer expectations by providing responsive products and services that cater to market demands.

Team Effort
Rachel Colbert
, a highly valued member of the team, plays an integral role in the success of Birchip Newsagency. With almost a decade of dedicated service, her commitment and friendly presence creates a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with every customer who walks through the doors. Rachel’s versatility shines as she takes on a multitude of responsibilities, including customer service, stock ordering, returns, and training new staff.

Recognised as a team player, Rachel not only works independently but goes above and beyond her assigned duties. Her creativity and innovative thinking consistently yields great ideas to attract customers, such as implementing effective merchandising techniques and regularly rearranging stock. Customers and representatives alike have taken notice of Rachel’s pleasant nature and willingness to lend a helping hand, often commending her for the exceptional service she provides.

Birchip Newsagency prides itself on its well-organised store layout, categorising products and collections for easy access. The front half of the store and the front windows are utilised to prominently display seasonal products, catching the attention of passersby. The staff members, who are well presented and professional, contribute to the welcoming environment within the store.

Recognising the importance of digital engagement, Birchip Newsagency maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook. This allows the store to connect with customers online, share updates, and engage in community discussions. Additionally, the newsagency has a comprehensive Google business listing, providing potential customers with accurate and detailed information about the store.

By leveraging Jim’s leadership, dedication, and community-oriented approach, Birchip Newsagency continues to be a trusted and valued establishment within the local area.