Sunday 20 November 2022

Making everyday life easier for Victorian families and businesses

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will streamline government interactions and make everyday life easier.

In Victoria, there are an extraordinary number of government websites, portals, hotlines and application forms through which Victorians access essential government transactions – at significant cost to the taxpayer and inconvenience to the consumer.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria remains the only state without a fully digital public transport ticketing system and only 1.3 per cent of all Victorian government transactions are being made via the Andrews Labor Government’s failed Service Victoria portal.

To bring Victorian government services into the modern era, a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will launch a new ConnectVic App and portal, providing a one-click-shop for Victorian government services. It will save Victorians time and money, while better protecting their data.

The ConnectVic App will focus on offering simple, digital services direct to Victorians and small businesses, including;

  1. Driving and transport including digital drivers licences, digital Myki, fuel price comparison, and public transport information.
  2. Concessions, rebates and assistance including savings finders, applications for relief plans and gas, water and electricity rebates and concessions.
  3. Business, industry and employment including business and trade licences, development applications, café, restaurants, and small bars leases, applications for grants, vouchers and support programs.

ConnectVic will be based off the successful Service NSW model and will include the latest technology to strengthen and better protect the data of Victorians.

We will also establish a new physical network of ConnectVic hubs across metropolitan and regional Victoria, in partnership with established small business shopfronts starting with newsagencies and pharmacies. This will ensure that Victorian government services are more accessible to people throughout the state, and support existing retail businesses.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said the Liberals and Nationals’ ConnectVic App was a real solution to make everyday life easier for all Victorians.

“Our plan will bring drivers licences, public transport tickets and more into the modern era, making everyday life simpler and easier,” Mr Guy said.

“If other states can do this, we can too. Under a Government I lead, plastic cards, paper applications and queuing up in government buildings can become a thing of the past.”

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, David Southwick, said the ConnectVic App would be a one-click-shop for the everyday government services that families and businesses need.

“Under Daniel Andrews, dealing with government agencies is a pain and Victorians are paying the price in time, money and effort,” Mr Southwick said.

“Our plan to modernise interactions with government means less red tape for small businesses and less hassle for everyday Victorians.”

“Importantly, we can deliver the ConnectVic App while also strengthening the protections of Victorians’ data. We will achieve this by engaging with the New South Wales Government on their nation-leading digital ID pilot program.”

Victorian Association for Newsagents CEO, Brendan Tohill said this is an amazing opportunity for Victorian newsagents.

“We are the fabric of Victorian communities. The introduction of ConnectVic will be welcomed by all newsagents right across Victoria.”