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Dear Members,

The Greater Brisbane lockdown lifts at 12 noon today and a number of temporary safety measures will remain in place for all of Queensland.

The following restrictions will be in place for two weeks until 12 noon on Thursday 15 April 2021:

• You must continue to carry a mask with you whenever you leave home and wear it in indoor venues
• Hospitality venues can open for seated eating and drinking only, and no dancing is allowed
• Private gatherings are restricted to 30 people • Businesses can re-open with one person per 2m²
• Outdoor events can go ahead with a COVID-safe plan, but masks must be worn if social distancing isn’t possible
• Church services will be allowed 100% occupancy with ticketed or allocated seating or adhering to the one per 2m² rule
• Restrictions on aged care, hospitals, disability care, and correctional facilities will apply with no personal visitors allowed during this period.

The remaining restrictions are about protecting Queenslanders against further transmission of COVID-19.

You can access the updated Covid-19 cases information here.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Tohill | Chief Executive Officer
NLNA – National Lotteries Newsagents Association