COVID-19 Updates: Sorrento Newsagency

COVID-19 Updates:

  • We have now marked front counter to ensure social distancing
  • We’ll try and go “cash-less” as soon as possible in anticipation for the school holidays
  • We’ll also use “gloves” from now on
  • When offering to “sign” for parcels, please ensure you “ask” to sign and not just “tell” customers that you are signing on their behalf
  • Regarding general queries for high demand stock, unfortunately, demand will/has outstripped supply, so we will stop taking orders effective immediately as we’re spending way too much time answering questions for which we don’t have answers – please respond courteously by stating that we are unable to confirm when or if further supplies will be available
  • Also attached is a “5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers” flyer that you might find useful at this difficult time
  • We have also placed a hand sanitizer dispenser at the counter for customers

Please remember to keep a good distance from customers at all times, wash your hands at least every 30 mins

Thanks to VANA Director Gerard Attwood on COVID19 – BEST RETAIL PRACTICE.