Dear Members,

VANA is so proud of the job you are doing on the front line.

With many Victorians working from home and home schooling, your customers need access to everyday essentials without delay.

Newsagents are one of the only retailers where customers can walk into a store to access essential items instantly… there is no need to place an order and wait for a delivery in a few days!

This presents a great opportunity for all newsagents during Stage 4 restrictions to increase sales, by reminding customers you are an essential service and open for business as usual.

Commencing tomorrow VANA will be running advertisements on 3AW, Victoria’s number 1 radio station, promoting newsagents as an essential service and open for business.

This will drive more traffic into your stores and more opportunities to increase income.

Keep up the great work & stay safe.

Please check the link below for  3AW audience reach.


Brendan Tohill