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National Lotteries and Newsagents Association



Our great Newsagency Industry has been disrupted in a major way since the introduction of the Digital Revolution, that is a way of life whether we like it or not.

People want choice as to how they engage.IE. Digital or Retail.

What do consumers want if they choose retail ? the best customer experience possible! IE. Quick Service, Clean Shop, Personalised Service, a great product offering around Gifting and Convenience items, as well as Governance and compliance around the entire shop incl. Tatts, Newscorp, Nine, Bauer, Greetings Cards, Blueshyft, Ladbrokes and the Amazon Hub national program.

To survive and prosper, action needs to be taken NOW!

We have seen a need to form a new National body based around improving members income for retailers, reducing costs (including Association fees) in a hostile retail environment and gaining more foot traffic every day for retailers.

Together we need to be better. We need a thirst for the contest, each and every day, and with the support of the NLNA, we will get you thriving and making money.

We cannot look back and must look forward. We are in 2020 and consumers want a great experience, or they won’t return. If they get a great experience, they WILL RETURN and you the retailer will make more money.

The role of an Association has changed – agitating and negative commentary is long gone. Lobbying in Government corridors and getting little or no outcomes is simply not enough. The Government and Policy space is very important and we will action this in a different way. The decline of the industry must be arrested immediately Newsagents need assistance right now;

they need the following-

More Income

More Foot Traffic

Enthusiasm and excitement to embrace the day

Workshops and Seminars to assist them to be better retailers

Programs to assist them on this i.e. Blueshyft and Amazon Hub Program will improve income and attract more foot traffic.

Through Blueshyft and Amazon Hub nationally new people will be visiting newsagents, a new audience (18-25) a new opportunity for additional revenue. Some of the new people may have never been into a newsagency before in their life.

Reduced fees across Insurance with Free Lotto Insurance. On most occasions, this option will be incredibly financially advantageous right across Australia.

How to improve your income workshops right across Australia with guests from the major pillars and Advisory Board Members of the NLNA will assist the industry in a major positive way.

With a Social Media platform (telling the great stories of our industry and partners) can be only described as powerful and relevant. The National Lotteries Newsagents Association has arrived, and we intend to impact in a very positive way from the get-go.

We are not interested in anything but improving income for retailers and assisting them in providing the best customer experience possible, so the consumers return, and we all thrive.

National Lotteries and Newsagents Association is adapting to the changed retail environment so we can move forward confidently and embrace these changes and prosper.