1. Ensure you wash your hands with soap for at least 25 seconds
  2. Do not go to any major public events -over 500 people for at least the rest of March 2020
  3. Log on daily to
  4. Avoid shaking hands as it’s the form of contagion
  5. Avoid international (remembering USA Borders are now closed and Italy is completely shut down) and domestic travel for at least 14-21 days
  6. Business as usual as much as possible, and endeavour to stay positive.
  7. Cough into your shoulder and keep surrounding areas clean
  8. Hand sanitisers are great and some basic cleaning items like Glen 20 and Pine O Clean kill germs
  9. If you are feeling tired and have flu like symptoms go immediately and get tested for Corona Virus from your local GP or a Corona Virus Testing Centre-
  10. Get tested now call 1800 675 398
  11. Children at school shower before and after school including washing their hair.
  12. Keep our retail outlets as clean and tidy as much possible counters and rails the public may be leaning on or breathing on.
  13. Any staff that are presenting with Flu like symptoms send them straight to the local GP /and or testing centre
  15. Hot Line 1800 020 080 COVID-19 or go to

There is currently no vaccine, so we need to treat this disease with respect.