Address: Shop 28, 52-54 Currie Street, Nambour, Qld, 4560.

Store Owner: Rodney & Marisa Page
Years as a Newsagent: +2 years
Products Sold: Newspapers plus home delivery, magazines, stationery, gift cards & wrap, gifts, drinks, confectionery, Beefy’s pies, Cartridge World ink cartridges, Amazon Hub, TNT & FedX parcel service, Ladbrokes, Blueshyft, Lotto, E-Pay Phone credit, Cigarettes, Go-Cards, photocopying service, dry cleaning service

As Nambour no longer has a regional newspaper, Rodney & Marisa approached the editor of a free local newspaper and offered to do home delivery for them on a Sunday and in return they offered a free advert of their store in the newspaper in every issue. Their customers love receiving this paper for their local news.

In 2020, with COVID-19, their business kept going strong as home deliveries increased and in-store sales increased, especially lotto. Rodney & Marisa added a lot of other services to their newsagency which were not there when they purchased the business. 

In 2021, Rodney & Marisa will be looking at what other services and/or products they can bring in to generate more sales/foot traffic. 


Rodney & Marisa continually donate to local charities. They also do lots of giveaways to give back to the customers that support them.


Rodney & Marisa advise prospective newsagents to thoroughly research locations for newsagencies, by asking questions such as:

–    Is it in a high foot traffic area?
–    Are there home deliveries involved? 
–    How large of an area is to be covered?
–    Is there potential for other services to be incorporated into the newsagency? 

If you are purchasing an existing business, have a due diligence search done to rule out any debt/outstanding accounts that are owed, and if possible, spend time in the newsagency to talk to customers, observe the foot traffic and sales.


Rodney & Marisa have the in-store TV advertising NLNA products. They have found that Ladbrokes and parcel service advertising has generated customer inquiries/purchases.