20th July 2020

Good Afternoon Members,

In summary this is what COVID19 normal looks like in terms of wearing a mask.

  1. 11.59 pm Wednesday 22nd July 2020 is the commencement for wearing masks during COVID19.
  2. If you are in public you must wear a mask. i.e. Shops, shopping centres, hospitals, public transport, school, care and care giving.
  3. Children 12 + should be wearing a mask
  4. A $200.00 fine is applicable if you are not wearing a mask in public.
  5. If you are exercising i.e. running you do not need a mask
  6. The public -if they enter your store without a mask (excluding children under 12) common sense applies have a sign (see attached) stating $200.00 fine and/or sell them a mask.
  7. VANA will also have a mask offering by the end of the week.

Please see below extended statement from the Premier.

Kind Regards,

Brendan Tohill