COVID-19 (coronavirus): important information for event and travel cancellations

20th March 2020

Dear Retailers,

The ACCC has issued advice for consumers and businesses on their rights and obligations if events, flights or travel services are cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), or if people wish to cancel their travel plans.

The ACCC understands many businesses are struggling to manage cancellations at this time. Mindful of this we are urging consumers to remain patient, and where possible to contact the business by email or website, rather than by phone. These are very complex issues and may take smaller businesses more time to respond.

We hope that our advice assists you and your staff to engage with customers who request refunds and remedies.

We encourage you to read and share our latest information on consumer rights, travel and event cancellations in relation to COVID-19 which includes guidance on:

  • event cancellations
  • travel cancellations and changes
  • product price increases.

Find out more in ACCC media release.

You can also find information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) scams on ACCC Scamwatch website.

If you would like to contact ACCC please use their online form.

For more information or advice visit:


Brendan Tohill