News Corp Print Centre

News Corp Print Centre

16 June 2022

Dear Members,

Last night I was invited to visit the new News Corp print centre located at Truganina.

I was joined by Kate McDonald, VANA Vice-Chair and NLNA Director, and Ivan Casagranda, VANA Director.

News Corp senior management flew in from all across Australia for the tour including Michael Newell News Corp General Manager Logistics (Brisbane), and Ben Keating General Manager Consumer Print (Sydney)  to give us a guided tour along with the Victorian team led by Geoff Smith.

The Truganina site prints over 330,000 newspapers as a minimum each night.

Please watch the below videos.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Tohill | Chief Executive Officer
VANA – Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association
NLNA – National Lotteries Newsagents Association

Kate McDonald, VANA Vice-Chair and NLNA Director, with Michael Newell, General Manager Logistics, News Corp




28 April 2022

The National Lotteries and Newsagent Association (NLNA) is excited to announce the signing of an exclusive 5-year agreement with Mint Payments as the preferred payment partner for NLNA members. The partnership includes plans to develop a comprehensive end-to-end payments ecosystem across the Australian Newsagency network within the next 12 months and is set to include solutions for in-store, online and B2B payments.

As Australia’s peak industry body formed with one clear purpose: to improve income, reduce costs and increase foot traffic for newsagents across Australia, the partnership will provide an opportunity for over 4,500 newsagencies across Australia to review their current payment relationships and fee structures and consider an alternative that reduces costs and provides the support they need.

Mint’s exclusive agreement with NLNA will provide the Newsagency retail category, who process close A$1 Billion in total transaction volume, with a customized fee structure, streamlined onboarding process and dedicated support services. 


The first product to launch to NLNA members under the new partnership (May 2022) will be Mint’s card-present payment terminal, in place of existing solutions used daily by business owners to process their customers’ payments in-store. Mint’s exclusive NLNA fee structure provides business owners with the option to absorb, split or pass on fees to customers as they choose and as their business needs evolve.

It is anticipated that by the end of Q4 2022, Mint will deliver a full spectrum of payment options including card payment (both in-person and online payments) and B2B supplier payments to the NLNA and associated member network.

MintEFT will enable newsagency owners to make secure, real time B2B payments to their supplier network through a single integrated portal, providing easy reconciliation and real time tracking of payments to and from suppliers. This innovation allows safer and easier payment method for both business owners and suppliers that improves cash flow and protects owners from fraudulent activity and mismanaged payment processes.

The partnership also benefits newsagency owners through integration with major point-of-sale software systems and provides a turnkey solution to owners looking to reduce their overheads by benefiting from:

  • Payment process efficiencies through automation of their daily reconciliation process
  • Enhanced protection from fraudulent activity via MintEFT’s admin/agent payment structure
  • Providing future alternative payment options in line with their customers preferred payment methods
  • Cost savings through aggregated volume benefits
  • Access to the Qantas Business Rewards program with the opportunity to earn Qantas Points across Mint’s product offering.


NLNA CEO Brendan Tohill said “The NLNA is proud to partner with Mint Payments, they are such an innovative and customer focused business. They understand the challenges of running a small business. Our main driver going to tender was cost savings to Australian newsagents and Mint Payments deliver that in spades. This is so vitally important to all newsagents right across Australia.”

Mint Payment’s CEO, Alex Teoh, added “We are very excited to be partnering with NLNA as their preferred payment partner as they plan for the future of newsagency retail. We are confident that Mint’s suite of payment solutions and focus on customer experience are in close alignment with the NLNA’s stated purpose of improving income and reducing costs to their members. Our Qantas Rewards program will also give business owners the chance to reward themselves through simply transacting, which is at the core of what Mint does – we believe every transaction your business makes should add value to businesses and their customer.”


Mint Payments helps companies of all sizes transact in more rewarding ways – whenever, wherever and however the world wants to pay. Mint Payments offers a seamless, omni channel payment suite that helps customers unlock profits, launch pioneering payment products and enjoy more rewarding experiences online, in-store, in-app and beyond.

Sign in today to access Mint’s exclusive NLNA member free structure.


The differences between the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 variants

The differences between the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 variants

What are the symptoms of omicron?

Omicron appears to be continuing the trend set by delta. It’s causing symptoms that are much more like a regular cold, particularly in people who’ve been vaccinated, and fewer general systemic symptoms, such as nausea, muscle pains, diarrhoea and skin rashes.

How bad is omicron?

This new variant is much more infectious than previous variants, causing a surge in cases across the UK and in other countries. And although it’s not yet clear whether we will be facing an overwhelming wave of hospitalisations from the disease, it’s important to remember that while omicron and delta may feel like a cold to many of us, it can still kill or cause long-term symptoms that disrupt daily life, especially for people who have not been vaccinated or are immunocompromised.

For More details Visit: The Conversation

NLNA MEMBER PROFILE – Tawonga South Newsagency & Post Office

NLNA MEMBER PROFILE – Tawonga South Newsagency & Post Office

Address: 221 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South, Vic, 3698

Stephen and Lynne purchased the business in 1993, which at that time included takeaway food, a newsagency and a post office. At that time, they were one of five authorised newsagencies in the Upper Kiewa Valley.

They decided to exit the food industry in 2000 to concentrate on their Post Office and Newsagency. They also built a larger shop on an adjoining block. They took a break from retail in 2009 when they sold the business. However, the couldn’t stay away and purchased the business back in 2011 when the new owners went broke.

Stephen and Lynne came into their second stint as owner/operator with a fresh mindset and a new full-time partner, Macca and decided to operate without any staff. They are now the only newagency in the Upper Kiewa Valley and supply from the ski resort of Falls Creek to Dederang. As they have a lot of artists in their area (like most country towns), they have set up an Art Department selling quality supplies which has been a highlight for them in the last ten years.

Stephen and Lynne have diversified into quality giftware as well, which is also a winner. In the last three years, they have been able to add Tattslotto to the business which has worked well for them and tends to get new customers through the door as well as being a profitable addition to the business. The old staple, magazines, is still a favourite after 28 years, sales are still increasing as opposed to newspapers. They do give a lot of space to magazines, but they are easy to manage and still sell through the age groups.

COVID has surprisingly been good for the store. During lockdowns, locals who have never ventured through their doors, instead of shopping in larger centres, have discovered quality not just in their business but other local stores and many have remained regular customers.

In their spare time, Stephen was Treasurer of Upper Kiewa Valley Lions Club for 12 years and is now in his 7th year as President of Mount Beauty Golf Club. The business also has regular weekly sponsorship of a couple of local organisations.

Stephen and Lynne’s next plan is to retire, but cannot decide when, as they are enjoying work too much.

Whilst Stephen and Lynne are very reluctant to give advice, they believe that in any business customer service is the most important aspect. Try and call your customers by name, a lot of their customers have become good friends.

Also, try not to overwork yourself. Remember to make plans to have time off even if only 2 days per week and work to enjoy life. Making a fortune, especially in a small country town is not always going to happen, but you can have fun and survive. They were burnt out when they sold the first time, but with a different outlook, work is now enjoyable.

NLNA MEMBER PROFILE – Churchill Newsagency

NLNA MEMBER PROFILE – Churchill Newsagency

Address: Shop 2 Hazelwood Village, Churchill, Vic, 3842

Racheal Telehin has been lucky enough to be able to manage Churchill Newsagency, a wonderful little store in Hazelwood Village.

One of the key things Racheal believes makes a store great is having a fantastic team, who are customer orientated.

The store prides itself on being very community-minded, by giving sponsorship or support for raffles and fundraisers.

During the many lockdowns, they have had to diversify into other areas such as clothing and also having consignment stock from local artists, which has been very successful.

The store’s main focus going forward is to be able to offer a variety of different products, to make it convenient for their customers to purchase everything from magazines, Lotto, clothing, toys and giftware.

Racheal’s advice for anyone thinking of getting into the field, is to think outside the box and to listen to your customer. It’s a very rewarding job!