Accept in-store payments for your digital services
blueshyft’s retailer network of 1,400+ sites are equipped with an iOS based platform allowing customers to make payments for digital goods and Services.
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The blueshyft network allows your customers to make over-the-counter payments to:

The platform

An iPad running a native iOS app is installed in all blueshyft locations. This is the physical interaction point for your customers.

Click here to download Blueshyft Operations Manual – Everything you need to know about the Blueshyft POS system


“Partnering with blueshyft has allowed Ladbrokes to offer an industry first Cash-In deposit service to our clients, Australia-wide. The blueshyft app has allowed Australian newsagencies to be the epicentre of this service which provides us with an extensive footprint that spans the country. Additionally, being able to leverage the physical space to advertise the Cash-In service has been fantastic for both this product and our brand.”

Greg Platz

General Manager @ Ladbrokes

“For a ‘traditionally’ online-only service – which was ultimately a barrier-to-entry for most Australians – blueshyft gives them a tangible, physical experience, in which they feel completely comfortable purchasing bitcoin. Customers know and trust these retailers, and with a newsagency or convenience store in virtually every town, we get full coverage of the country minus the actual cost of setting up a retail network. The take-up has been huge, and the resulting revenue stream has allowed us to expand into new markets.”

Rupert Hackett

CEO @ Bitcoin Australia