Amazon Hub seamlessly integrates with your location to provide customers a reliable and convenient solution to pick up and soon to be enabled drop off their Amazon parcels.

There are over 10,000 Amazon Hub locations worldwide, ranging from transport hubs, shopping centres, supermarkets and convenience stores to universities, offices, public amenities, community spaces and residential properties.

There are once-daily deliveries up to 7 days a week.


  • All Lockers are 207cm tall, 190cm in length (minimum requirement, vary in size) and 60cm in depth
  • Easily accessible for customers
  • Clear of fire safety devices
  • Indoor: flush against wall
  • Outdoor: leveled concrete base
  • Dedicated, 24 hour power supply via a standard GPO
  • 4G signal required (any network) – i.e. do mobile phones work in your area


If you are interested or have further questions please reach out to