NLNA has partnered with Amazon to bring you Amazon hub. Amazon hub provides locker and counter service through the Newsagency network. NLNA has explored and continues to explore ways in which we can increase the revenue of our members. Having this service is seen to be a must have, it is a game changer. Your store will not only be making commission by having the locker or counter service, but the increase in foot traffic is expected to skyrocket and as an added bonus your store will also be advertised as a location that customers can choose from on the Amazon website. Amazon is a global multibillion-dollar supergiant. With over 270 million customers worldwide, NLNA believe that this alliance will be incredibly lucrative for our members. We want you to profit and there is no better way than gaining an influx of customers.

So how does the locker service work?

Amazon Lockers are a self-service delivery location designed for customers to pick up and return their Amazon packages at a time and place convenient to them. There are over 9,000 Locker locations set up across the EU and North America and have just gone live in Australia. There are daily deliveries up to 7 days a week which in turn means an increase in foot traffic every day!

How does a customer pick up a package?

 How do our partnerships work?

Newsagency to provide:

• Floor space – 2 meters space against the wall (inside or outside the shop)
– The smallest locker size is 2mx2m and 1m in depth
• Accessibility – 7 days a week
• Electric outlet & usage – existing/newly installed
• Safe, well-lit & clean area surrounding the locker
• Report any issues to Amazon support teams

Newsagency to receive:

• 1,000s of new customer visits per year
• Additional footfall will drive an increase in customer spend
• Community-centric amenity for your customers, employees and neighbourhood
• Tech-forward perception
• Future partnership opportunities

Amazon to provide:

• Equipment, installation & program management
• 24/7 customer service
• Active promotion to new Locker customers
• Service and repair
• Continuous product enhancement

Amazon to receive:

• Customer satisfaction
• Physical presence
• Improved delivery success
• Streamlined logistics

 How does the counter service work?

As an Amazon Counter agent, you will act as a parcel pick-up location for Amazon packages. You will receive a handheld device that is the size of a mobile phone, with this device you will scan parcels in from the delivery driver, once the package has been scanned in the customer will receive a notification. When the customer comes to collect their parcel, you will scan their code with your device and scan the parcel out to them. You will receive a commission for each parcel that is scanned into your Amazon handheld device.
Customer Benefits:
• Pick up where you shop
• Conveniently located
• Long opening hours
• No additional fees
Partner Benefits:

Attract and capture increased foot traffic. Research showed that stores will receive a significant increase in footfall, coupled with a 15% conversion rate from the new customers that will make a purchase in-store.
• We expect on average 250 packages per store, per month from the launch of this service. Highest performing locations can achieve up to 760 packages per store, per month
• Enrich the shopping experience by combining digital and physical commence
• Reengage digital natives
• Strengthen locations as trusted daily, one-stop convenience destinations
• Easy to use application. Feedback from in-store staff is very positive, claiming the app works faster with a very intuitive menu. Average transaction time per package is 0.5 min


The commercial rate is one thing, but the increased foot traffic is another thing, please realise this is a golden opportunity to attract more people into your retail outlet and sell higher-margin products.

Amazon is a game change, if you have the ability & vision to lock in now, you will see the waves of foot traffic enter your retail outlet. 

This is the biggest Online giant around the globe and NLNA is spinning this back into retail.

If this sounds like something you do not want to miss out on then please register your interest at


NLNA are here to improve your income.